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Wednesday September 02, 2015

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Thank you Ron and Geraldine for a fantastic weekend country ride. Our first overnight stop Moulamein, then onto Mulwala stopping at Deniliquin on the way to take in the Anzac Service there. There was a lot packed into the weekend, a lot of laughing, (good medicine) good eating, good riding with good friends. Thanks to all who came on the weekend and made it so enjoyable..................Pat & Alan Hipworth

Most of us had never heard of Moulamein, let alone knew where it was..!!!!   I guess that just added to the intrigue of Ron Olsson's Mystery Country Ride over the Anzac long weekend.. 
As usual, Ron had put a lot of thought and planning into this ride, but the one thing he could not control was the weather, so it was no surprise that 12  of us set off from Baxter at 8-30-ish on Saturday morning, all in our "wets" as the rain tumbled down. But it was quite short lived as by the time we reached Lynbrook, the roads were dry and that was the last we saw of the rain.
First stop was Gisborne for a coffee break and a chance to get our "wets" off. On to picturesque Bridgewater for Lunch, and then the long, flat boring run to Kerang for a re-fuel and and a welcome break. After that it was a relatively short and enjoyable run into south-western NSW to our destination - Moulamein. Just a blink on the map, but it will have left a lasting impression on all of us, thanks to our hosts at the local pub - fellow Ulyssians - Bear and Kerry. Soon the "missing 5" who were delayed in departing Baxter arrived, 3 on bikes plus Mick and Liz in their car. After dinner the entertainment started with live music being provided on account of our visit. The socialising and camaraderie was working a treat and everyone was having a thoroughly good time. Alas the bewitching hour approached and after much prompting, Julie Walters took the microphone with a devastating performance of "Mustang Sally". Our club is sure full of surprises and surprising members...... and quiet, unassuming Julie is certainly one of them.  From then on it was just a matter of time as slowly but surely people reluctantly found the need for bed.
Sunday dawned fine and sunny.  Baulchy, Dawn and Nick put together a fantastic "Bacon & Eggs on Toast"  breakfast washed down with copious quantities of tea and coffee. After the obligatory photos, we were on our way to Deniliquin, where once again Ron had timed it perfectly for us to take in the 11-00 am Anzac Day Service in the heart of one of our most well known country towns. I think everyone respected and enjoyed this Anzac service with a country flavour.
After lunch it was on to the border town of Mulwala who Ron had us booked into cabins at the Lakeside Holiday Resort. After making ourselves comfortable, cleaning the millions of locusts from our bikes, it was time fort few pre-dinner refreshments, or nanna-naps or whatever. Our brilliant caterers in the form of Ron, Geraldine, Mick and Liz took care of dinner arrangements - a brilliant BBQ and Salads.  After dinner descended into total hilarity at a couple of cabins...... with war breaking out over the card table as the battle for supremacy in 500 raged for a good few hours, fuelled with appropriate refreshments, until eventually Karen and Peter defeated Nick and the other Peter.
Meanwhile a huge gathering in the next cabin entertained and lubricated themselves over a myriad of hilarious trivialities, with Caron contributing regularly with swahili contributions on solving the world's ills....... all ably assisted and abetted by Alan Lindley who is slowly mastering his own version of verbal swahili gibberish.  No one can remember what was discussed or when it concluded, but some level of mystery surrounds a "daring dash by some darling damsels", which allegedly occurred sometime between midnight and sun-up.
Monday morning had everyone on their toes for an 8-00am departure. The sun was up, with a cool breeze off the lake, but after a brekkie at Macca's in Yarrawonga, we were on our way south....... and into even cooler temperatures..... down to 8 degrees before a very welcome stop at Bonnie Doon for coffee, fuel, and a chance to rug-up for the cooler ride to Yea and eventually on to Healesville for an extended lunch break at the Beechworth Bakery.
The last leg on our run home was via, Woori Yallock, Cockatoo, Pakenham, Five Ways and home to Baxter with all 17 participants finishing together where it had all begun a couple of days earlier, having covered 1080 kms and laughed ourselves senseless. All unanimously agreed the once again Ron had organised another really great ride during which there had been never a dull moment.


As a relatively new member of Two Bays, I discovered that weekends away with Two Bays are just fantastic. Having been to Tallangatta, Buller and Baw Baw, there was no way I was going to miss the Mystery Country Ride organised by Ron Olsson for the ANZAC weekend.   And no-one was disappointed....    a truly fun weekend enjoyed by all. We stayed one night somewhere in NSW called Moulamein at a great little country pub. The next night at Mulwala on the shores of the lake. And along the way we had some terrific riding and lots and lots of fun, laughter and friendship......which I'm fast learning is what Two Bays is all about.
Thanks to the organisers for another great weekend ride away with a fun club.

Dawn Marshall

What a great weekend our country ride turned out to be. Many thanks to everyone who came, for the great company, the laughs and all the fun we always have
on these trips.

A big thank-you to the radio control guys, one in the middle, one on tail-end duties ( thanks Peter & Alan ). One of the highlights of our weekend was listening to the amazing voice of 'mustang Julie' "ride sally ride" ??????? Tattersalls Hotel in Moulmein had one of the latest nights ever as nobody wanted the night to

So many highlights there are just too many to mention so you'll never never know if you never ever go as they say.

Ron & Geraldine.

 There’s a saying that started at the ‘Woodstock’ music festival and that was ‘if you remember ‘Woodstock’ chances are you probably weren’t’ there well the same goes for the ANZAC weekend at Moulamein.

The majority of us left Baxter in the rain which didn’t last and we soon ‘dried’ out that’s a laugh.

Coffee stop at Gisborne and on to Bridgewater for lunch where we soon joined by the Massey’s who for reason left an hour after us.

Locusts were a little problem to the S.T riders but a big problem to those less fortunate as Nick Swales will lay testament to.

After a tour of a little town called Moulamein we found our way to Tatts Hotel where we welcomed by ‘Bear’ and later by Kerry the licensee who showed us to our respective rooms. Kerry had put on a roast dinner for us and Bear had organized some entertainment for the night. Now those members that have been away on a weekend will know that we supply our own and not to be out done this time we had our very own singer with us, modesty prevents me from naming the person except to say that she is female also a hairdresser and a fairly new member who rides an orange Boulevard motorcycle. Along with Julie [whoops] we had members on tambourines, rhythm sticks and bongo drums all very musical. The hotel has never been open this late so I guess we upheld the Ulysses motto.

ANZAC DAY soon dawned and we were off to ‘Denny’ [that’s 'cos I can’t spell Deniliquin] for the parade. Country towns have an atmosphere all of their own and to experience an ANZAC parade in one of them was humbling to say the least. After the parade  it was off to Mulwala for our next bed to rest our weary heads. Not so much fluid passed our lips on this night having said that there is one member that was actually seen to be walking with a cup of tea. Some of us could actually see the new headlines Baulchy Banishes the Booze!. I’m sure it is a passing phase.

Monday came around only to quick and it was off home again.

Thanks again for Ron pulling another one out of the hat well done mate.

Thanks to P.B for sharing the Tailend Charlie role with me.

Thanks to all the members that helped to make the weekend another one to put in the calendar ..............Alan Lindley

Ride Report 26th April 2010
A Country Ride, led by the renowned Ron Olsson, ended up in the quiet riverside town of Moulamein, NSW. It was an uneventful ride until the latter part when we reached the “Locust Badlands”.
The Motorcycle Gods had decreed that the ST1300 riders would remain unscathed, such an exulted bunch that they are, but other lesser breeds suffered terribly. The Triumphs took some stick as did the Yamahas but a Suzuki , pulled into the camp, so covered in bits of locust it was uncertain who was riding it, man or insect! The Triumph ridden by a little-known thespian muttered quietly behind his hand that the “ST” stood for “Supercilious Tossers” but he will be doomed to support Hawthorn and ride Triumphs to the end of his days and never knowing the glory of a sheepskin seat cover and self-tuning radio!
An excellent ride for all except the Suzuki rider who has now grown antenna.


After a delayed start to the weekend three bikes and a tin top arrived approx 6pm in time for a quick refreshment before dinner. 

What looked like being a quiet chat with a few drinks turned out to be one of most entertaining nights that we (Mick & Liz) have had in quite some time! Thanks to all who contributed to the entertainment.  But, we surpassed that the following evening with merriment and the creation of another problem for the world to be solved at a later date!!!!

Thanks  to all for a fun filled weekend. …..Mick & Liz

What A brilliant ride and weekend away my cheeks are still aching!!!
Caron and I are pleased to say that we have no problems with the
Ulysses Motto,

Grow Old Disgracefully!!!

See you all on the next run : )

The Blonde

A group of 17 of us went to N.S.W. where we spent 2 nights away. A great time was had by all who went along. I would like to thank everyone who came along for making the Anzac Day long weekend ride such a fantastic and memorable occasion.
Jim Sandbach

This is what you don't do to the Ride Leader!!!







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